Sihanya Rocha


‘Seconds’ highlights dangers of obsessing over past mistakes

Many of us wish we had the power to go back and change things. “Seconds” by Bryan Lee O’Malley explores that natural urge...


‘Witchy’ comic explores societal dysfunction

We all get to an age where we face the struggle of realizing our community is dysfunctional, despite it seeming normal on the...


Jen Lee’s comic encapsulates the nuance of change

As cliché as it sounds, a breakup is just one of those falling outs that hit differently, and no other work captures the...


‘Nimona’ illustrates villanous morals in heartwarming color

“Nimona” by ND Stevenson is a quirky comic book whose main characters are the villains, set inside a futuristic medieval world where magic...


‘Sheets’ talks growing up in life and in death

With an inviting pastel color palette and soft art style, Brenna Thummler tells two intertwined coming-of-age stories that capture both middle school’s mucky...


Explore AI creation with “Homunculus”

“Homunculus”by Joe Sparrow is a deceptively simple, tearjerking, page-turner of a comic about a scientist who unknowingly builds an AI towards the end...


‘Beneath the Dead Oak Tree’ thrills like no other comic

Filled with beautifully-illustrated and poetically-written horrors, this story is short – but not sweet. And being short doesn’t mean it’s any less complex:...


Zita provides light-hearted sci-fi fun

Through a whimsical and eye-catching art style, Ben Hatke puts his own twist on the classic hero’s journey in his three-part comic book...


Capitalism, ghosts and much more

We all have a complicated relationship with jobs—but no other story can capture this complexity in words and visuals like Aminder Dhaliwal’s comic...


‘Ava’s Demon’ is a standout webcomic

If you are looking for a comic that blends striking visuals and good storytelling with a uniquely digital format, you should read the...


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