If you’re interested, start by filling out this application and email it to Cindy Folefack, the Editor-in-Chief, at

Certain departments have testing requirements. Job responsibilities are set by the editors of each department. A summary of each position’s testing requirement and responsibilities are shown below. For more information, contact the editor for each team.

Staff Writers

Staff writers are expected to contribute at least one story per biweekly publication cycle (during the academic year) and at least two stories per monthly publication cycle (during the summer semester). Writers are expected to develop their own story ideas and pitch them to the editorial board. Writers will also contact sources, conduct interviews and maintain regular contact with staff artists and photographers. Staff writers are required to attend biweekly pitch meetings and are also required to attend at least two training sessions per semester.

To be considered for a staff writer position, applicants are request to complete a new writer test. This test has both theoretical and practical components. For the theoretical component, applicants will be asked to answer 24 questions about Mercury writing procedures and policies. The answers for these questions are provided in advance, so applicants will have to memorize and understand them before taking the test. For the practical component, applicants will be given a writing prompt and quotes and will have one hour to assemble an article.

Editor: Emaan Bangash, Managing Editor (

Staff Photographers

Staff photographers should be able to knowledgeably use a camera as well as communicate well with the team and sources for photos. Photographers, broadly speaking, are expected to serve as photojournalists and should speak to people at events and find out who they are and what the details of said event are. Photographers will attend pitch meetings and will request to cover the stories that will be in the upcoming issue. They are expected to establish and maintain communications with members of the writing team to coordinate photos. Photographers are not required to shoot in any certain format but shooting in RAW is preferred for editing purposes.


  • Two print assignments per person as well as 1-2 social media assignments per week
  • Mandatory attendance of pitch meetings and two training sessions during the semester
  • Submission of assignments by Thursday of production week unless the photo editor is informed beforehand
  • Professional and respectful to others
  • Friendly and social with the rest of The Mercury team members

Editor: Anna Phengsakmueang, Photo Editor (

Staff Artists

The requirements to be a Mercury graphics artist are as follows:

  • Must be able to competently use an art program such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign or Gimp
  • Must be able and willing to attend weekly meetings, as well as occasional training sessions
  • Must be able and willing to produce at least one graphic or comic each issue (every two weeks during the academic year or every month during the summer semester)
  • Good personal skills. Communication is key.

The graphics test for new Mercury graphics hires is a small original graphic, comic, illustration or any combination of the three depending on where the graphics editor believes your strength lies best. It is based off an original prompt prepared by the graphics editor and should be completed and submitted within two or three days. The graphic created should both represent and supplement the content within the prompt in a creative and original way. The finished product will be graded on a mixture of form/composition, creativity and how well the artist followed the prompt.

Editor: Chiamaka Mgboji, Graphics Editor (