Rediscover the magic of fiction; read for fun

Reading for enjoyment is not a frivolous pursuit but rather a means of enriching one’s life, broadening horizons and providing much-needed escapism. For...


Letter to the Editor

The opinion on “Poor parking and transportation” highlights crucial issues but only scratches the surface. Yes, the parking lots are terrible; they don’t...


Attention Comets: dating is not a conquest

You see the posts on Reddit so often it has become a self-referential meme: how do I get a girlfriend at UTD? But...


Trump’s mugshot proves that politics is one big meme

If you are reading this article, every contour of that image is likely branded into your brain: the thin-lipped scowl, the blonde frizz,...


How the Resume Grindset Kills Our Campus

The first few weeks of the semester always bring a flood of “we’re hiring” and “officers wanted” flyers across campus. If you’re currently...


A win for sports, is a win for UTD

Despite recent successes in academic fields, UTD faculty have expressed skepticism about our university’s burgeoning sports identity. But why see it as a...


SAG strikes could herald turning point for creatives and just compensation

Long gone are the days of Blockbuster and in came the era of Netflix and Hulu. As these streaming giants quickly began dominating...


Poor parking and transportation on campus isn’t only UTD’s doing

For many students, commuting to school is a great option to save money, but in recent years, it’s often felt like the savings...


A ban on knowledge – how book bans harm adolescents by blocking them from representation

When your future child is interested in reading about Scout’s adventures in Maycomb, Alabama in the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird,” or wants...


SAVE won’t save you from debt

The Biden Administration’s most recent plan to relieve student loan debt is a practical starting point for those eligible, but ineffective for the...

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