Letter to the Editor: Transphobia creates environment of hate on campus

The recent wave of anti-trans hatred being pushed in the media and legislation has, unfortunately, spilled over onto campus. In recent weeks, students...


You (probably) can’t be an anonymous source

There’s an inquiry you receive a lot as an editor at The Mercury — “Can I be anonymous?” And the answer, for the...


TA compensation needs to change at UTD

UTD teaching assistants, or TAs, do not get compensated like every other school in the UT system does, and that needs to change....


Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks

Cheaper, faster and tastier, Dutch Bros has become my new go-to coffee spot near campus. Dutch Bros is a drive-thru coffee chain that...


A-lister celebrities sound tone-deaf in award speeches

The 2023 SAG Awards highlighted celebrities’ false relatability through speeches aiming to inspire struggling workers to just work hard to get what they...


Board of Education is only half-right about energy use

The State Board of Education’s new anti-science campaign ignores the truth about the renewable energy transition. Recent news articles report that the Texas...


Are superhero movies going the way of the Western?

The golden age of the superhero genre is showing signs of expiring in a similar fashion to the Western genre that came before...


The South – backwoods, not backwards.

Those who stereotype the South as backwards ignore all the civil rights leaders it has produced. I spent a long time hating the...


Anti-DEI bill will harm all students if passed

A Senate Bill in committee — 88(R) SB 17 — could mean the end of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as we know it...


St. Paddy’s Day is not just for drinking

As March ends and Irish Heritage Month draws to a close, it is important to recognize the true meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day...

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