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In its 44 years of publication, The Mercury has typically focused on hyper-local journalism: things which affect the UTD community and local DFW...

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Letter to the Editor: State-sanctioned violence, a chilling message courtesy of UTD

To the current Editorial Board and readers of The Mercury,  One thing is clear to me after reading The Mercury’s recent coverage of...


Opinion: ‘Inside Out 2’ delves into your deepest anxieties through film

Struggling with confidence and the crushing feeling of “I’m not good enough” is an all-too-common adolescent experience, perfectly portrayed and overcome in Pixar’s...


Opinion: University administration, police target Palestinian UTD alum

On June 26 at 2 p.m., a state trooper in Denton County targeted and arrested recent UTD graduate and former president of Students...


Editorial: Investigative journalism at stake — support The Mercury

In recent years, The Mercury has pursued all kinds of investigative stories — from exposing workplace discrimination to pursuing sexual harassment cases to...


Editorial: Meet the admin

State troopers slammed our own students and faculty into the ground, aiming to destroy not just their encampment but their spirit. The administration’s...


Opinion: Hiding in plain sight — how administration obfuscates its intent 

UTD administration had 21 students, staff, alumni and community members arrested, but not once has the administration pointed to a specific part of...


The protester’s polemic

As Gaza solidarity encampments pop up across the U.S., UTD’s own are among those protesting the involvement of their academic institution in what...


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