Know your enemy: Comets should direct DEI ban anger at legislators, not just admin

On April 9, UTD President Richard Benson sent a schoolwide email stating that the Office of Campus Resources and Support — created in...

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Letter to the Editor

Dear UT Dallas Mercury, Students, Staff and Administration,  In a recent issue of The Mercury, an article addressed the recent SG resolution on...


The trials and tribulations of Graphics Editor

Despite being The Mercury’s Graphics Editor, I will write my farewell, not draw it. My two years at The Mercury encapsulate a wide...


Preserving student media: accountability’s last stand

Picture this: it’s 11 p.m. on a Friday, and you have 16+ hours of newspaper production on Saturday and Sunday. Suddenly, you receive...


Mercury mascot takes last distribution tour around campus

I’ve done it all at The Mercury, and I earned the in-house title of “Mercury Mascot” not just by being the office goblin,...


Empathy is not a weakness: a letter from the Editor-in-Chief

“I’ve been waiting for someone to call me. No one has even tried.”  These were the words Katheryn Montgomery, the victim of a...


Vote for the future: vote green

College often feels like extortion — between skyrocketing tuition prices, fees and housing costs, choosing to increase how much you pay may sound...


Entitled students: No one owes you a degree

Imagine this: you’re in a core class, past the withdrawal deadline, and suddenly a few choice classmates start to complain about the level...


‘Heartstopper’ makes minorities tokens

To justify queerness to heterosexual audiences, queer media loses its nuance and limits exploration of other topics besides sexuality. This stems from new...


Flooding in UV: UTD needs to do better

Any resident of UV knows that after a rainstorm, it’s best to take the long way around and avoid the sidewalks. Whenever there...


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