Vote for the future: vote green

College often feels like extortion — between skyrocketing tuition prices, fees and housing costs, choosing to increase how much you pay may sound...


Entitled students: No one owes you a degree

Imagine this: you’re in a core class, past the withdrawal deadline, and suddenly a few choice classmates start to complain about the level...


‘Heartstopper’ makes minorities tokens

To justify queerness to heterosexual audiences, queer media loses its nuance and limits exploration of other topics besides sexuality. This stems from new...


Flooding in UV: UTD needs to do better

Any resident of UV knows that after a rainstorm, it’s best to take the long way around and avoid the sidewalks. Whenever there...


The TikTok ban is good, actually

The House of Representatives passed a bill on March 13 threatening to ban TikTok for cyber security breaches. Although this ban was done...


Comets v. Taco Bell: A case for #6

Taco Bell’s menu is full of broken promises, and I’ve been fooled into giving it another chance time after time.  After waiting an...


Abbott’s age verification order spells Internet doom

Texas’ recent attempt to restrict access to pornography intrinsically fails to actually protect minors and legal consumers of porn while exposing them to...


Save Reunion Tower: in defense of Hunt Realty

The proposal of a bullet train between Houston and Dallas is long overdue, but it cannot come at the cost of removing 46...


Actors might wear ceasefire pins, but they aren’t your heroes

Despite modern Hollywood films often featuring provocative political messaging, especially at the 2024 Oscar Awards, major Hollywood actors fail to speak on political...


Trains over towers: Why DFW desperately needs the high-speed rail plan

If demolishing the Reunion Tower is necessary for implementing intercity high-speed rail in Texas, then it is critical we do it to help...


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