Bring our rocks back!

“Censorship.” “Cowardly.” “Bring our rocks back.” These were the sentiments expressed by students the morning of Nov. 20, when UTD administration removed the...


Abbott’s failures unmask the facade of “school choice”

School voucher programs siphon money away from public education, and UTD could become collateral damage The Texas Legislature’s fourth special session is underway,...


Red Light: UTD Sexual Harassment Policies Threaten Comets’ Liberties

UTD should amend its Student Grievances policy to match the definition of sexual harassment in its Sexual Misconduct Policy. While firm anti-harassment policies...


Antisocial Campus? Try Sports

Embracing sports culture at UTD will bring Comets together and invigorate campus UTD’s lack of a sports culture is a direct culprit for...


Homecoming crowning a win for LGBT+ Comets

In a true embodiment of a comet, the UTD student body has fabulously soared above the standards of the Texas government by electing...


‘Disappointed to be a UTD student’: Benson’s Israel-Hamas statement disrespects grieving Comets

Not only does UTD president Richard Benson’s latest message about the Israel-Hamas war disrespect grieving students, it successfully alienates students with ties to...


Subreddit drama endangers students

At the end of the spring 2023 semester, UTD subreddit moderators clashed, causing the removal of one of its most helpful moderators, u/WillieCubed....


Drag wins are LGBTQ+ wins

All LGBTQ+ Texans, especially college-age students, should celebrate the Sept. 26 overturning of Texas’s “drag show ban.” A victory for the drag community...


Climate Corps won’t save us

President Joe Biden’s new American Climate Corps program, announced Sept. 20, plans to put thousands of young Americans to work in the “clean...


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