Microaesthetics dangerous for young adults, not liberating

The trendy micro aesthetic lifestyles cluttering the internet might seem appealing and harmless, but they are actually obstacles to true individualism. We live...


Soft launches the opposite of romantic

Posting a picture of your partner’s side profile on your Instagram isn’t a “soft launch,” you’re just media obsessed.   Love is in the...


We’re not Russian, We’re Ukrainian

Ukrainians have suffered greatly at the hands of Russians, in part due to the international community’s insufficient response to Russian imperialism. I wear...


Automatic Mickey D’s has an OverArching Plot

The new automated fast food workflow is a dangerous sign of corporate greed amidst a cost-of-living crisis. Working people and college students alike...


Students should show their school spirit at UTD sports

UTD students like to make fun of our athletics, but the truth is that our legendary sports program has something epic to offer...


Dallas Isn’t Ready for the World Cup

While FIFA is branding the World Cup as a Dallas event, it will actually be hosted in Arlington, creating a spiral of issues...


Save Our Parking Garages

With all the facilities we have on campus, there is no excuse for littering. Comets need to take proper trash disposal more seriously....


Why Must Congress Railroad Unions?

Now that the U.S. government has shut down the upcoming railway strike, it creates a dangerous precedent against workers’ rights everywhere, particularly endangering...


Hate Speech is a Pretty Bad Way to Start the Conversation

The recent surge in antisemitic hate speech in the media from celebrities like Kanye West is an important reminder that when it comes...


Why Voting is Crucial

Participation of young voters is more important now than ever, despite the fatalism expressed by many. There is a common narrative that floats...

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