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In response to the March 18 article on SG's ceasefire resolution

Jade Steinberg | Courtesy


Dear UT Dallas Mercury, Students, Staff and Administration, 

In a recent issue of The Mercury, an article addressed the recent SG resolution on a permanent cease-fire. A quote in this article shared views of the off-campus organization, “Jewish Voice for Peace,” which does not speak for all American Jewry. This anti-Zionist organization is composed of Jewish and non-Jewish individuals and represents a minority of Jews. From a 2023 AJC survey, 80% of American Jews said caring about Israel is an important or essential part of being Jewish. In another recent survey, 66% of Jewish college students in the U.S. said Jewish students pay a “social penalty” for supporting Israel’s existence. 

JVP does not speak for the American Jewish community. 

There is a difference between legitimate criticism of Israel and criticism that demonizes, delegitimizes or holds the Jewish state to a double standard — that’s when it crosses the line into antisemitism. For example, perversely blaming Hamas’ devastating terrorism on Israel, as JVP did, is blatantly antisemitic. While our university celebrates diversity, encompassing a range of opinions and political beliefs, the Jewish community here has not felt secure since Oct. 7. Elevating the token voices of antisemitic groups only further harms the Jewish community. 


Jade Steinberg 

President of Hillel at UTD 


  • This letter utilizes unrelated statistics to try and make a religious minority look like a monolith and accuses people based on their political beliefs of not being true believers. This is shameful and should not have been published by such an esteemed student paper as the Mercury.

    While it is likely true that 80% of jewish americans support Israel’s right to exist, that is not equivalent to being supportive of the warcrimes which are currently being protested.

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