Day: September 20, 2021


SG Report 09.07

Freshman and Special Elections Results Freshman: Debopreeta Bhattacharya, sociology, freshman Zahra Ravjani, political science, freshman Mario Montero-Ruberu, business administration, freshman Isabella Spartz, finance,...


EcoHub grows student involvement in campus sustainability

The Eco Hub—a 20,000 square foot student farm that will provide produce for food-insecure communities—is intended to beautify the area around the new...


Curious Comets: What happened to V-Bikes?

A couple of years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to walk anywhere on campus without spotting a bright yellow bike. They seemed to be...


UTD welcomes first freshman class

From The Mercury Archives: Aug. 27, 1990 UTD rolled out the red carpet during orientation Friday and Saturday to welcome the school’s first...


Ex-pro coach comes to collegiate OW

From college to the Overwatch League and back again, UTD’s new head Overwatch coach has proven he can compete professionally while also furthering...


Coach check-in: Danielle Kcholi

In the third Coach Check-in, I sat down with cross country coach Danielle Kcholi to talk about the Comets’ hot start to the...


Best of five September 20th

Today’s Best of 5 is an Overwatch-filled edition, mixed in with the return of old friends and a preview of the biggest Collegiate...


Comics: 09/20/21

Life & Arts

‘Malignant’ movie is a mediocre mess

While there are well-written horror movies and comical horror movies, “Malignant” was a mediocre mash of overused tropes combined with a laughable script....

Life & Arts

$5 for 5 hours: SNKRX

In essence, video games are just moving pixels on a screen given meaning by game developers. And while SNKRX is basically just a...


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