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‘They are just kids!’ 

Assistant professor of art history Ali Alibhai rushed to protect student protesters from what he saw as a militarized police force armed with...

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UTD professor reflects on arrest, experiences of ‘UTD 21’

While attempting to reduce the tension between encroaching police and student protesters, UTD history professor Ben Wright was arrested alongside two other colleagues...

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‘Inspiring,’ ‘resilient,’ ‘compassionate’: Sarah Hurwitz shares story of reconnecting with Jewish values

“Four thousand years of wisdom from my ancestors” — this is what Sarah Hurwitz, renowned speechwriter and author, gained from reconnecting with her...

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A diligent drummer’s double life

By day, this computer science student chases the finish line of graduation. By night, he is the mysterious drummer energizing the crowd from...

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A Comet’s guide to summertime film fun

While some movies are year-round favorites, the arrival of sweltering weather and mosquito hordes evokes a desire for media that can provide an...

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‘When L.R. Wept’ admitted into IMPACTE! film festival

The short animated film “When L.R. Wept” by Ahmad Khoshniat, a visual and performing arts Ph.D. student, was accepted into the IMPACTE! Film...

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Australian duo Royel Otis reps indie rock

Royel Otis’ addictive vocals and electrifying instrumentals quickly made their way onto the playlists of indie and alternative rock fans with their viral...

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XAI Reprom Wonderland Royale

Inflatable ruby-red dice bounce through the air as impassioned prom-goers dance, laugh and swap stories.  The sharp pulse of a beat reverberates through...

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Adaptation done right: “Fallout” (2024) sets standard for great video game serials

Blending the tragedy of war with zany retro-futuristic science fiction, “Fallout” (2024) captures the quirky satire of the games in all their absurdity. ...

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Goat Yoga stretches Comets’ bodies and minds

Students gathered at the Science Pavilion to cuddle with 13 goats during a free goat yoga session hosted by the Office of Graduate...


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