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Life & Arts

80s Night!

Strings Attached channeled the electric spirit of the 80s at their premiere concert of the year, 80s Night! This musical era, a harmonious...

Life & Arts

Heart to Heart

Physics junior Seth Rippentrop and business administration junior Tate Lewis could not have predicted they would survive the same rare heart condition in...

Life & Arts

Hozier’s new album is his weakest

Inspired by Dante’s “Inferno,” Hozier’s third album takes the listener to hell and back with a new take on indie-folk music. “Unreal Unearth”...

Life & Arts

Breaking Greek life misconceptions during rush week

UTD hosts over 1,100 students within its 26 chapters of fraternities and sororities — collectively known as Greek life — which connect students...

Life & Arts

“Nineteen to Twenty” gives hope to nervous young adults

College students of any age can find comfort in “Nineteen to Twenty” as it tackles the anticipation, unity and excitement of growing up....

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“Winsor & Gertie” takes audience back to the 1900s

Orchestral music floats through the first few seconds of this playlet, transporting the audience into early 1900s America with a heartwarming tale of...

Life & Arts

“Talk to Me” is what the horror genre needed

From Ouija boards to cursed dolls, teenagers in horror movie love to tango with the devil and tamper with haunted artifacts that scream,...

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‘The Nun II’ more funny than scary

The latest addition in the “Conjuring” universe, “The Nun 2” is a phenomenal improvement on its drab prequel, but still pales in comparison...

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A world of cuisine less than 20 minutes from campus

Choosing a restaurant around campus is always a hassle, but we can break it up into categories to make the decision extremely simple....

Life & Arts

NATIVE Coffee Co. serves ‘ridiculously’ good coffee

A new school year means new classes, new schedules and — most importantly — new study spots. If you’re looking for an aesthetically...

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