NASA selects UTD to build instrument

NASA has selected UTD’s Center for Space Science to build an exploration instrument for its 1995 CRAF mission. CRAF is an acronym for...


Warning: Scholarship Recipients may owe IRS

From The Mercury Archives: March 28, 1994 What do you mean I owe the IRS? It may be news to many on scholarship...


Student Union construction, recreation center planning continue

New buildings on campus include the addition to the Student Union, currently under construction, and the proposed recreational/events center. “The recreation area (of...


Hear no gender, read no gender

Yes, it’s true. Sexism still exists in this country; we have failed to stamp it out with our Birkenstocks-laden feet. The concept I’m...


Discrimination: one teacher’s tale

Racist! The word brands with a searing hiss. Despite the number of unapologetic bigots allowed to practice their hate, sometimes public branding is...


From The Mercury Archives: Oct. 23, 1995

No one doubts college can be a scary place. Just ask freshmen before their first final exam. But few college students would say...


Bookstore competition heats up, students remain victors

From The Mercury Archives: Sept. 2, 1992 The competitive battle between UTD’s bookstore and Off Campus Bookstore has benefitted UTD students, as the...


UTD welcomes first freshman class

From The Mercury Archives: Aug. 27, 1990 UTD rolled out the red carpet during orientation Friday and Saturday to welcome the school’s first...

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Hispanic author to visit UTD

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated Rosie Peterson’s title. She is the director of the Department of Institutional Diversity. Also, the...


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