SG Report 09.07

Graphic by Astrid Hernandez | Mercury Staff


Photo by Cristina Kovacs | Mercury Staff

Freshman and Special Elections Results


Debopreeta Bhattacharya, sociology, freshman

Zahra Ravjani, political science, freshman

Mario Montero-Ruberu, business administration, freshman

Isabella Spartz, finance, freshman

Sofia Shaikh, healthcare management, freshman

Sara Juneja, neuroscience, freshman


Vivan Amendariz, global business, sophomore

Laasya Madana, biology, sophomore


Avilia Moreno, criminology, junior

Evan Quennet, marketing, junior

Marcella Novas, political science, junior


Muhammad Muhanna, biology, senior

Simrun Shahid, information technology and systems, senior


Mariam Hamani, information technology and management, graduate

Nishant Ramani, computer science, graduate


Andres Andujar, accounting, senior

Aman Bhat, business analytics, graduate

Anni Chen, business administration, senior


Aditi Mungale, computer science, freshman

James Odebiyi, computer science, junior

Jocelyn Heckenkamp, computer science, junior

Srivani Edupuganti, computer science, junior

Zaid Habibi, computer science, sophomore


Baylen James, philosophy, sophomore

Disposable Mask Recycling

Green Initiatives Chair Madison Ibe reminds students that UTD has dedicated mask-recycling bins. There are six mask-recycling locations on campus: the DHW lobby, the ECSW atrium, the JSOM atrium, the SSB Addition lobby, the Student Media lobby and the Visitor Center lobby. Masks put in these bins are recycled as raw materials for composite and lumber products such as decking and plywood sheets.

Budget Report

Graphic by Jacky Chao | Outreach Editor