Day: February 23, 2020


More (super)power to You

Why ‘Birds of Prey’ revolutionizes the female superhero “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” received an audience and...


Ready Player One

Single-player games are becoming an endangered species The last decade has arguably been marked by the explosion of online gaming among gamers. With...


Big Comet is Watching You

Why surveillance technology on college campuses is counterproductive Imagine if UTD administrators tracked your every move while on campus. From collecting your location...


Exercise HIITS the Spot

Short workouts are key to a healthy college lifestyle Between going to class, completing assignments and participating in clubs, college students have a...


Defending Champions

Women’s tennis to play against ASC East competitors Ozarks in March The UTD women’s tennis team season is only a small part into...


Stepping Up

Softball team sets sights on championship, welcomes new players The UTD softball season is in full swing after the team’s first conference match...

Life & Arts

Unafraid to Speak Out

International political economy senior often stands up during lecture to share opinions College lectures usually involve sitting and listening, taking notes and maybe...

Life & Arts

Game Review: ‘Legends of Runeterra’

Digital card game set in same universe as ‘League of Legends’ Riot Games is finally evolving from Riot Game and creating a game...

Life & Arts

From Cricket to Comet

Former player for Singapore’s national cricket team continues to play leisurely at UTD Computer science freshman Karthik Mohan is just like any other...

Campus NewsNews

What is Literature Research Like?

Leather-bound books and dusty archives are classic images of what research in the humanities may look like. However, what are examples of research...


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