Gay athletes left unrecognized in Division III

Media, community must do a better job at showing proper support to pioneering athletes who play for lesser known schools Gay athletes coming...


Unlimited political contributions pave way for continued inequality

The April 2 Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission removing the last remaining limits on political contributions is troubling for...


Selfish students steal show

Peers have been condemning UTD students for their behavior at Kenan Thompson’s performance on campus, and rightfully so. On March 20, more than...


Interests on loans too much for students

No student in America should have to forgo higher education for the lack of financial resources. There are scholarships for students offered by...


Gubernatorial candidates mum on marijuana issue

An outspoken Perry forces the issue as decriminalization gains steam in U.S. Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott are keeping mum regarding their stances...


Healthcare.gov needs more coverage options

The new year loomed around the corner and so did the deadline to apply for healthcare insurance, which was extended to Dec. 31...


Lessons from Mandela’s legacy

Working with opponents key to resolve polarized debates, enable changes It is funny how you always tend to remember where you were and...

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Green campus in reach, if only sprinklers reached green grass

CLARISSA POLLACK Art and performance senior | 0 comments The rainy weather of late has helped our area out of drought. Fields are greener than they’ve...


Surveillance helps keep country, individuals safe

A lone gunman besieged Los Angeles International Airport on Nov. 1, opened fire on a TSA officer and killed him. In addition to...


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