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Israeli perspective absent in Gaza article

I am writing in response to the article printed in the Aug. 4 edition of The Mercury entitled “Trapped in Gaza.” It put...

Editorial Cartoon

Depression facts

* Anyone can be struck by depression or suicidal thoughts, regardless of race, gender, age, socioeconomic status, etc. ** Calling suicide a ‘selfish’...


National media failed Ferguson

For the first four nights of Ferguson’s (intercommunity) protests, it was difficult to tell by television alone if the Missouri suburb even existed....

Comet Comments

“If money wasn’t a determinant, what would be your career choice?”

  “I’d be a professional soccer player for Arsenal.” Ridwan Raji Finance and accounting senior             “To be...


Immigrant kids are not criminals

Between the influx of migrant children fleeing Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and Costa Rica making it to the semifinals in the world...


Bus schedule goes awry

In the world of business, clients and profits are lost when deadlines and time schedules are unmet. For NASA, a delay in a...


Comet and Craters

World Cup Fever: Every four years it seems like the United States replaces football with fútbol, and UTD is no exception. It’s great...


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