You said on concealed carry:

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“I am firmly against because not everyone that has a gun and a license should be allowed to bring it on premises where people are not equipped to handle a shooting.”IMG_2218

Thi Nguyen

Biology freshman



IMG_2224“I’m against because guns don’t keep you more safe. (They) instill a sense of fear in people around you.”

Usama Awais

Electrical engineering graduate




“I’m against because I wouldn’t feel safe on campus knowing that people around me had guns.”IMG_2222

Celeste Fernandez

Psychology freshman

  • Unfortunately, this issue is not based off feelings but actual fact. CHL owners have saved many lives as well as their own since the inception of the program. What these students don’t realize is that they pass by people with concealed handguns license owners everyday when they go to the mall, restaurants, coffee shops, etc without ever noticing it. The illusion that a no guns allowed sign or law will stop a criminal from committing a murder or rape with a firearm is illogical.

    Erick Bruno
    Junior, Political Science
    GySgt, USMC, Retired

  • I am disappointed in the biased representation you chose to represent in this article. As supposed “journalists” you should be investigating all sides to this story.

  • Hi Esther,

    This is not an article, but Comet Comments, where we walk around campus and ask students a question.

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