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“What features would you like to see added to Northside at UTD?”

“Two things that I would like are a bar type of place to just chill and grab a beer or some sort of...

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You said on denying business to groups based on religious beliefs:

“There’s no reason to not sell your product to someone just cause of what they are inclined to believe. They’re your customers, that’s...

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You said on concealed carry:

    “I am firmly against because not everyone that has a gun and a license should be allowed to bring it on...

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“What is the most important issue facing women today?”

“I think one of the issues is that they should be encouraged to take up STEM courses such as engineering and computer science.”...

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 “Would someone your age running for political office incentivize you to vote?” “I totally would vote for somebody my age. Without thinking about...


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