Comets and Craters


Student Media groups won 32 awards at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference held in San Antonio on April 8 -11. Among the awards, our Editor-in-Chief, Miguel Perez, was named Editor of the Year for the entire association.

Warm weather:

After months of feeling the cold, cruel sting of winter and fall, spring has finally come into full effect. There are still rainy days, but the threat of another week where the university population will be snowed in seem to be long gone. Texas weather has been known to be anything but predictable, so hopefully there isn’t anymore wintry days ahead.

Bluebonnets on campus:

Another plus from spring time weather coming to campus is the appearance of Bluebonnets at UTD. Located on the traffic dividers between the Student Services Building and the Activity Center, the flowers are a nice reminder that students are in the best state in the Union.

Richardson mayor target of ethics probe:

On April 8, WFAA reported that Richardson’s city attorney assigned outside legal counsel to determine if Mayor Laura Maczka had violated ethics rules by accepting a job with a developer that had had a major project in the city she approved during her term. Maczka announced last week that she will not be running for a second term, even though she is unopposed.

Club sports on the rise :

Even though the varsity sports here are UTD get most of the competition, club sports have found their own path to success. Over the weekend, members of the table tennis team played in the national tournament, the swimming team went to nationals in Atlanta and the gymnastics team went to nationals in Philadelphia.

Office 365 switch:

The switch from Zmail to Office 365 has been a good news/bad news type of situation. Office 365 has a brand new interface that allows users many more options and settings, so it has been a huge benefit in that sense. Unfortunately, some students have had a hard time with the switch and haven’t adjusted as well as others, with some losing the memo of the switch in their old email accounts.

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