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The Fix: A Day Cafe

As a busy student, finding a cafe that’s friendly for both unwinding and socializing can be a challenge, but A Day Cafe could...

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The Fix: Karmic Grounds

No student should miss out on Karmic Grounds, a triple threat cafe with the perfect study ambience, hangout spot and high-quality coffee and...

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The Fix: Mojo’s Java saves Richardson residents from chain drink doldrums

Ten minutes down Coit Road lies some of the best coffee anywhere near UTD, Mojo’s Java. Mojo’s Java sits inside Cottonwood Market on...

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Benny’s Bagel

Benny’s Bagels is a kosher bagel shop located five to eight minutes away from campus down Frankford Road. It sits in a strip...

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Dutch Bros Coffee

Not many restaurants, let alone coffee chains, claim to have a highly sociable drive through experience, but Dutch Bros Coffee provides a quick...

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Mudleaf Coffee

Across the street from a post office in Plano, there’s Mudleaf Coffee, a spacious coffee shop that just might be the next place...

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Communion Coffee

While travelling down Route 75, you might spot a sign for Communion Coffee on Exit 24. With both good food and ample working...

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The 1418 Coffeehouse

A large, refillable cold brew bottle just 15 minutes away. Do I have your attention? If so, the 1418 Coffeehouse might be the...

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I Love U A-Latte

Every time you wake up, you go through a morning- or late afternoon- routine, and for many students that includes getting a cup...


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