The Fix: Mojo’s Java saves Richardson residents from chain drink doldrums

Photo by Katheryn Ho | Mercury Staff


Ten minutes down Coit Road lies some of the best coffee anywhere near UTD, Mojo’s Java.

Mojo’s Java sits inside Cottonwood Market on Coit and Belt Line and is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Alex Deer, the owner, named the shop after his cat Mojo. Although the space is small and the seating limited, Deer is dedicated to making stellar coffee. He roasts his own beans with his own recipe and has a wide variety of choices. The prices are comparable to other independent shops, with an iced vanilla latte at $5.50, and it is worth every penny.

Imagine the relief of taking a breath of fresh air after coming up from underwater. That’s what it felt like drinking an espresso from Mojo’s after drinking constant sugary drinks from Starbucks and other chains. It is easy to forget that coffee is supposed to have a flavor profile beyond just “bitter,” and getting any one of the drinks on the menu is a perfect reminder. Deer even offers a coffee milkshake, although it may not suit you as well now that second summer has ended.

Though Mojo’s hours may be difficult for students, during the stress of finals season, you deserve a higher quality caffeine fix. And to student organizations: Mojo’s caters! They also have a 10% student discount, so if you ever get the chance, take a short drive and get your morning fix at Mojo’s Java.


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