The Fix: Karmic Grounds

Photo by Rylee Russell | Mercury Staff


No student should miss out on Karmic Grounds, a triple threat cafe with the perfect study ambience, hangout spot and high-quality coffee and tea.

With two locations in Frisco, Karmic Grounds is popular with students in the area and serves as a productivity hotspot as well as a coffee and tea studio. The closest one to UTD isn’t too far from campus, just off Ohio Drive, and is a great place to study or meet friends. Their specialty drinks are particularly unique, as Karmic Grounds has a specific dedication to tea in addition to coffee, allowing customers to steep and brew their own tea.

Drinks range from about $4 for classic drinks to about $6 for specialty drinks, although most of their popular drinks are below $5.50. Food ranges from $4 for a brownie to $12 for an entire flatbread. Their menu is diverse, and you’re sure to find something you love.

The cafe is generally quiet during the day, with some background noise, but not enough to distract you from your assignments. The seating is comfortable, and the tables are clean, with patio seating available outside. Put on a pair of headphones, and you’ll be wonderfully uninterrupted for as long as you please. And if you need complete isolation, they also have a private glass workroom for anyone who wants to work in silence.

When it comes to drinks, the coffee is stellar, and their range of syrup options is vast. A classic hot mocha or iced almond milk latte are perfect choices. Even with a plain latte, Karmic Ground’s blend has a distinct flavor of its own, delivering a deep coffee flavor without overpowering the added flavors. For anyone in need of dairy alternatives, Karmic Grounds has oat, almond and soy milk. The almond milk latte remains my top recommendation, but their cappuccino with almond milk is also surprisingly good, with the perfect foam to coffee ratio.

Photo by Rylee Russell | Mercury Staff

Their teas are equally as wonderful. They have a wide array of different loose leaf tea options, but don’t be intimidated – the staff is kind and knowledgeable enough to guide you. If you order in-house, you’ll be given your drink in a little glass atop a wooden tray, paired with a full glass kettle of steamy tea to refill at your convenience. Their Marrakesh tea – Karmic Ground’s closest blend to peppermint tea – is floral and refreshing, but still warm and perfect for a rainy day.

If you don’t like tea or basic coffees, they also offer matcha, smoothies, blended coffees and specialty drinks like orange hot chocolate. When it comes to food, Karmic Ground delivers. Pastries, avocado toast, flatbreads – you name a classic cafe item, they probably have it. Particularly tasty is their cinnamon roll – warm, flavorful and the embodiment of a comforting pastry. Their basic avocado toast is also well balanced between the nuttiness of the toast and the freshness of the avocado. If you’re looking for a quick bite rather than a study spot, Karmic Grounds may be the place.

Another bonus is their hours, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. During the morning and afternoon, most visitors are working or studying. However, plan your study sessions accordingly, because at night the shop becomes more of a social scene, with college students gathering for tea and light dinners or snacks. At that time, grab a group of friends and spend an hour or two soaking in the ambience. Whatever you choose, try to time it well for your best experience.

Karmic Grounds is arguably one of the best coffee shops in the area. With a wonderful, balanced duality between both the social and study scenes, a diverse drink selection and a seemingly endless list of menu items, no matter why or when you visit, it is sure to be the perfect trip.


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