Day: October 17, 2022


UTD Mental Health App aims to help

A mental health text line will be available through the UTD app for students to get emotional support from peers. Kavya Kannan, neuroscience...


Student Union Fee Passes, Athletics Fee Fails

Comets voted in favor of a new Student Union and narrowly voted down an increased athletics fee in the recent fee referendum polls....

A student is being cuffed by a campus police officer as a drag performer stands in the background.

Protester detained at post-sermon drag show

Originally Posted October 13th. A student was temporarily detained after interrupting a post-sermon drag show in the SU green on the night of...



Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke detailed his plans for potential governorship at a packed rally of over a thousand students last Friday. The...


IQ Headquarters opens

UTD students are now welcome at the new IQ Headquarters, the next step in student entrepreneurship and city development which aims to turn...


VALORANT team shooting for the stars

UTD’s new VALORANT team is preparing to take the fight to LAN before the start of the official season. VALORANT is a tactical...


Assistant volleyball coach promoted after 18 years

In his first year as head coach, Zachary Villarreal hopes to continue the historic success of the UTD volleyball program. Villarreal has been...


Comics: 10/17/22

Student Art Showcase

Life & Arts

Smile leaves a smile on jump-scare fans’ faces

Paramount’s new film, “Smile,” delivers an unpredictable plot and terrifying jump scares that will make viewers feel ready for spooky season. The film’s...

Life & Arts

Meteorite class crashes in at UTD

As one of the catalog’s newest classes, Comets Love Meteorites allows students to study meteorites from around the world. Otherwise known as GEOS...


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