Day: October 26, 2020


10 26 20 Issue


Confirm Amy Coney Barrett now

President Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left by the late Justice Ginsberg; the...


Voting on campus – COVID-19 edition

UTD will serve as a polling station for both Dallas and Collin County in the upcoming general election. In preparation, volunteer deputy registrar...

Campus NewsNews

‘Employees are struggling. Residents are struggling.’

Residents of the off-campus apartments at Northside have expressed concerns with facility maintenance, both before and after the pandemic. In a survey conducted...


UTD student takes part in COVID-19 vaccine trial

Amidst a pressing nationwide need for a vaccine, a UTD student took it upon himself to participate in a two-year COVID-19 vaccine trial....


Get to know the 2020 presidential candidates

Who are the candidates and what are they known for? (Democrat) Joe Biden: Former VP under the Obama administration Served as the Senate...


Noble peers: colleague of UTD faculty awarded Nobel prize

Known for his contributions to theoretical physics and pure mathematics – as well as his interactions and collaborations with UTD professors – Roger...


How does UTD’s pandemic response compare with other system schools?

Texas’ coronavirus response has evolved over the past few months on account of the rapidly changing situation, and the state’s universities have adopted...


Biden makes money moves in Texas

The 2020 Biden campaign is making an unprecedented move in Texas. Projected to spend over $6 million on advertising in the state, 2020...


Students fail to follow COVID-19 protocols

UTD administration reported that groups of students on campus are failing to follow COVID-19 protocols. Responding to a somewhat routine medical call in...


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