Day: August 31, 2020

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Student gatherings: what’s permitted, what’s not

Student gatherings and club events are prohibited until further notice – with exceptions for free speech activities. Student organization officers received an email...

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Making a name from TikTok fame

Famous isn’t an inaccurate description of finance freshman Karthik Veduruparthi. College student by day and TikTok star by night, he boasts six hundred...

Life & Arts

Friendship through the screen

A year ago, students walked into class, chose a seat and made small talk with their classmates — a luxury we no longer...

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Think outside the (potato) bun

Edit as of 9/4/2020, 3:00pm: when contacted by The Mercury earlier today, Dining Services said that the Taco Bell Cantina was not able...

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University closes select fall 2020 dining venues

Comets will have fewer places to dine this semester, as about two-thirds of on-campus dining locations close until further notice. As of August...


UT Dallas Police Department, Richardson Police respond to Black Lives Matter protests

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, the UTD Police Department and Richardson Police have implemented new training and procedural measures to...

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‘We have something for everyone, so stay active’

Students can now return to recreation facilities on campus—but with a few caveats. Tricia Losavio, the director of UREC, said that the Activity...


Visas are vital

As election season nears, it is crucial to understand the impact of the working visa program and how halting it will deprive the...


At the mercy of the machine

Hiring season is back in full swing. Candidates are polishing their interviewing skills, hoping to snag coveted positions at tech companies. Unfortunately, many...


College + Greek life = a new you

The dreaded red solo cup. Every sorority girl’s worst nightmare is to be caught on camera with it. I won’t sugar coat it:...


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