Day: January 13, 2020


Diversity, Naturally

Tokenism isn’t representation Greta Gerwig’s 2019 movie adaptation of “Little Women” is the newest take on the 1868 classic by Louisa May Alcott....


Charged for Change

Change of major fee ineffective, not always necessary I entered UTD as a visual and performing arts major with a theatre concentration. Over...


Resolve to not Resolve

Why New Year’s resolutions accomplish nothing As 2020 approaches and electro swing hopefully becomes vogue for the Roaring 20’s reboot, some people might...


New Year, New Meta

Patch 9.23 brought map changes that transform ‘Rift’ into different elements “League of Legends” got a massive pre-season patch, changing the drake system,...


Comets Start Decade with Win Streaks

Basketball teams bring strong presence in ASC opening games against Ozarks, hope to defend last year’s titles Men’s and women’s basketball won their...

Campus NewsNews

SG Offers Reddit Gold for Student Ideas

New initiative aims to increase student input in decision-making process UTD’s Student Government is using a new approach to get ideas from students,...

Campus NewsNews

Using Liquid Metal to Repurpose Waste Heat

Researchers create generator that uses gallium to convert excess energy to usable electricity UTD researchers are taking on global warming with new technology...

Life & Arts

Are UTD Students Unhappy?

Commuting, campus involvement may influence student happiness The university recently made another top 10 list, this time for The Princeton Review’s least happy...

Life & Arts

Twirling to the Top

Junior finds opportunities to perform on campus, spread interest From the racquetball courts of UTD to the competition stage, Samantha Prazak demonstrates a...


Professors Voice Concern over Gender Discrepancies in Course Evaluations

Female faculty note differences in ratings, student behavior toward male colleagues Students are encouraged to complete course evaluations at the end of every...


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