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Comets ‘Bent’ on remembering Holocaust

With Holocaust Remembrance Day coming up on April 27, the UTD Theater’s spring play sheds light on an often-overlooked part of the horrors...

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Retrograde Reads: ‘Well’

Maybe this book hit me so hard because I read it while violently ill, but I’d like to believe it’s more due to...

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Retrograde Reads: ‘Timemaster’ by Robert L. Forward

Some books have fascinating premises that grab you right off the bat. Some books have well-written, clever dialogue and snappy explanations of scientific...


Ukraine-Russia conflict impacts several Comets

While Ukraine is physically distant from UTD, Russia’s continued invasion hits close to home for some Comets. Computer science sophomore Tayisiya Chernenko, who...

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Retrograde Reads: Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars

Running away from home, reinventing yourself and encountering roadblocks along the way – it’s a typical structure for a typical coming-of-age novel. However,...

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Retrograde reads: P. Djèlí Clark’s novel ‘Ring shout’

With a captivating cast and thrilling action, P. Djèlí Clark’s “Ring Shout”– alternately titled “Hunting Ku Kluxes in the End Times”– imagines the...

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Profiling Eating Disorder Awareness Week

UTD’s Student Wellness Center partnered with on-campus and national organizations to host National Eating Disorder Awareness Week at the end of February, reminding...


DART Update

After years of running the same paths, DART has redesigned its public transit offerings to improve access throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region. UTD...

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Spending a day in the heartbeat of UTD

As the clock struck midnight on Friday, Feb. 11, I settled on a rock by the Memorial Pond with a simple sign: “Mercury...


Oh ResNet, RestNet, where art thou today?

On the first day of online classes for the spring 2022 semester, countless Teams calls dropped midstream as Apogee’s MyResNet wifi disconnected throughout...


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