Day: March 7, 2022


What options do students have to address sexual assault?

Do you know how to report a sexual assault? If you don’t, you’re not alone. UTD has an array of resources for preventing...


Bike Thieves on campus kick into high gear

Theft is not uncommon on college campuses, but the number of bikes being stolen from UTD is increasing and their recovery rates are...


What happened to the piano outside of SU Green?

Has something felt odd about Student Union Green these past couple of months? That’s right – the piano is missing! The Director of...


Presence is now absent, water update

Cometville moved again Cometville will now take place on March 22 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the SU Mall, alongside the...


Comet baseball off to historic start

While the start of the MLB spring training remains in limbo due to the work stoppage, the 12-1 Comets Baseball squad is firing...


UTD Rocket League team fighting for playoffs spot

Following their failure to directly qualify for league play in Collegiate Rocket League , the Comets are mounting a run through the College...


OpTic hosts Optic Major 1 LAN for Call of Duty

Following their acquisition of Esports Stadium Arlington, OpTic Texas hosted the CDL Optic Major 1 with a sold-out arena as fans came to...

Life & ArtsThe Fix

Mudleaf Coffee

Across the street from a post office in Plano, there’s Mudleaf Coffee, a spacious coffee shop that just might be the next place...

Life & Arts

Retrograde reads: P. Djèlí Clark’s novel ‘Ring shout’

With a captivating cast and thrilling action, P. Djèlí Clark’s “Ring Shout”– alternately titled “Hunting Ku Kluxes in the End Times”– imagines the...


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