Day: October 4, 2021


UTD returns to fully in-person

After six weeks of de-densified instruction, UTD administration made the decision to return campus to full density. Classes will be back in person...


UTD names first female Hispanic AD in NSDA D-III

Effective Oct. 1, Bill Pettit is transitioning out of the role of Director of Athletics, and Angela Marin has been appointed to fill...


Grand theft Tobor

A recent incident regarding a few students who put a UTD food delivery robot in the trunk of their car gained a lot...


Bookstore competition heats up, students remain victors

From The Mercury Archives: Sept. 2, 1992 The competitive battle between UTD’s bookstore and Off Campus Bookstore has benefitted UTD students, as the...


Coach check in: Hemal “Hemal” Salvi

Today on Coach Check-in, I sat down with head League of Legends coach Hemal “Hemal” Salvi to discuss the beginning of the team’s...


Comets clash with DFW’s best smashers

Comets can return to on-campus Smash Ultimate battles against top players in the DFW area with the return of Comet Clash to the...


Best Of Five: The best and worst of esports today

It’s a good day to be a fan of UTD esports. The Overwatch team is putting up undefeated scorelines, the Rocket League team...

Life & Arts

J-pop music strikes a chord strikes a chord with student with student pianists

Four. Strike. Five. Strike. Three. Strike. Six. Strike. ATEC junior Caleb Wang strikes a wave of upbeat J-pop chords in the rhythm of...

Life & Arts

A powerful slice-of-life

Despite being called “A Little Life,” Hanya Yanagihara’s bestselling novel brings more than just a little heartache to readers by using beautiful language...

Life & Arts

SP/N Gallery honors ATEC Professor

Richard Brettell, a prominent art historian and educator, transformed the Dallas art scene during his lifetime. His brief tenure as the director of...


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