Day: March 22, 2021


Cultural appropriation rising

According to Google Trends, words such as “astrology chart” and “rising sign” have peaked in early 2021, and many professional astrologers report that...


Women’s volleyball begins season with eight undefeated games, soccer gets underway

With regular season play delayed from the fall due to the pandemic, the soccer and volleyball teams all returned to games on Feb....


What does on-campus isolation look like?

While isolating on campus may not be the preferred option for Comets, UTD is attempting to make the process as seamless as possible...


Assessing sepsis successfully

A UTD Ph.D. candidate is working on a project that helps doctors assess patients for sepsis, an immune system reaction to infections. According...


Students develop ultrasound probe holder

The COVID-19 pandemic has required the efforts of many healthcare professionals, often overworking nurses and physicians. In response, one UTDesign team found a...


Software over hardware: researchers develop more accessible hearing aid

UTD researchers have developed an application to help with hearing loss, allowing anyone with a smartphone to access hearing aids for only a...


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