Day: July 5, 2020


You teach eTeach

Students training to be teachers through the UTeach Dallas program face increased uncertainty in their prospective career after the pandemic hit. UTeach Dallas...

Life & Arts

Ask Me Anything

Following a series of viral social media posts, UTD junior Nifa Kaniga’s activism as part of the Black Lives Matter movement has gained...


Taking green from blue

If you have so much as opened a social media app this past month, you have surely been met with Instagram stories and...


UTDon’t Open

Everything is bigger in Texas: from our unbridled Texas pride and vast expanses of land to our unwavering commitment to setting record single-day...


On Police Oversight

In any true functioning democracy, community input shouldn’t be arduous. The coronavirus pandemic has been a catalyst to the evolving mediums we use...

Life & Arts

Not biting clickbait

With more people turning to social media for news, the risk of circulating fake news increases. Fake news and altered videos can greatly...


Your tuition, by the numbers

Tuition for summer classes has not decreased during the move to completely online classes. A petition was started in early May that called...


Under one roof

UTD is developing a plan to address future COVID-19 cases as students return to on-campus housing. On June 16, UTD confirmed that a...


Returning to labs

Research labs opened under limited circumstances since campus closed this spring are now steadily increasing capacity, with COVID-19 safety measures. During the April...


Professors discuss hesitations about teaching in person

In the fall, professors will have the option to choose whether they teach face-to-face or online. The Faculty Retention and Morale Subgroup recommended...


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