Day: April 23, 2018

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Confucius Institute under FBI scrutiny

After an FBI threat assessment, Texas congressmen have accused a Chinese language organization, which has a location on campus, of propaganda and stealing...


Publications risk closure due to loss of funding, resources

News media is present in the lives of students whether they choose to indulge in it or not, and can be found in...

Life & Arts

RadioUTD sweet 15

After 15 years of broadcasting music, UTD’s student radio station celebrated its anniversary by throwing the Sweet Fifteen Fest. RadioUTD was established as...


Softball makes comeback

The softball team has recovered from their eight-game losing stretch and are now 15-6 since March 16. After a period where they lost...


Women’s golf sets sights on ASC Tournament

The UTD women’s golf team is preparing for the ASC tournament. The Comets have not won a championship since their first season in...

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Org feeds hungry children in India

Two sophomores founded the first chapter at a Texas university of an international organization. Akshaya Patra is an organization that started in India...

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Among many voices, just one

When Mark De Los Santos first joined his high school choir, he didn’t imagine that it would become an integral part of his...

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TaRaas places in national competition

Members of UTD’s Indian dance team TaRaas danced their way to second place at the Raas All-Stars National Championship on March 31. Held...

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SG Report: 4/23/18

Amazon Won’t Deliver The Amazon lockers Student Government planned to implement on campus, which would allow students to pick up and drop off...

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Breaking glass ceilings at UTD

A climate survey of UTD faculty sheds light on parental leave and gender parity regarding women in the workplace. In 2016, a survey...


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