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Alum sentenced to life in Silk Road case

A judge in the Federal District Court in Manhattan sentenced Silk Road founder and UTD alumnus Ross Ulbricht to life in prison on Friday, May 29....

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Ulbricht Found Guilty

Ross Ulbricht, a 2006 UTD graduate accused of running an online drug market, has been found guilty of seven crimes, including narcotics trafficking...


Former student convicted in Silk Road trial

Ross Ulbricht, a 2006 graduate accused of founding and running Silk Road, an online drug market, was found guilty on Feb. 4 on...


Silk Road trial holds ramifications for future of Internet

Whether people realize it or not, the Internet may change forever because of one court case taking place right now. Ross Ulbricht, a...


Ross Ulbricht trial begins

The trial of Ross Ulbricht, a 2006 UTD graduate arrested in 2013 on charges of operating a continuing criminal enterprise, money laundering, computer...


Feds seize Ulbricht, shut down site

The FBI arrested a UTD alumnus on Oct. 1, allegedly the leader behind Silk Road, an underground black market website. Ross Ulbricht, a...


404 Page Not Found: University erases Ulbricht

The University of Texas at Dallas is attempting to shove Ross Ulbricht down the memory hole. Official university pages that reference the accused...


College roommate opens up about Ulbricht

The alleged drug lord the FBI arrested on Oct. 1 is a far cry from the friendly and intelligent man who attended UTD,...


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