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Post-apocalyptic flick offers cautionary tale

  It’s 2031 and Earth’s sole survivors are struggling to maintain a social balance aboard Snowpiercer, a self-sustaining bullet train that must keep...

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UTDPD Crime Logs

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the graphic below, the number of assaults on campus in academic year 2013-2014 was incorrectly reported. The correct number is...


Greener schools lead the way

Rigorous sustainability initiatives, standards at universities serve as catalyst for change in surrounding communities President Obama’s ballsy move to push for more rigid...

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Multimillion dollar gift jumpstarts new program

Edith O’Donnell donates $17 million to support creation of art history institute On May 19, Edith O’Donnell donated $17 million to fund the...

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“Cherub” a big electro-anthem party

Electropop duo Cherub stopped by Dallas at the House of Blues on Thursday, May 1 as part of their Blow’d Tour promoting the...


Students shave heads for funds

Friends raise money for children’s cancer charity by pledging to go bald Two students are fundraising for children with cancer with the promise...

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User experience org fuses tech, design, interactivity

Behind every electronic screen, there’s a team of designers, architects and engineers perfecting a seamless experience for consumers. Students have taken notice and...

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SSB addition, alumni center underway

Major construction projects on campus are slated to continue well into 2016, including an expansion for the Student Services Building. Kelly Kinnard, director...

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Contemporary exhibit explores vulnerability

The artwork currently lining the walls of the Visual Arts Building looks nothing like usual art museum fare.  Instead, five co-curators have collaborated...


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