“Cherub” a big electro-anthem party

Marcelo Yates|Staff

Electropop duo Cherub stopped by Dallas at the House of Blues on Thursday, May 1 as part of their Blow’d Tour promoting the upcoming release of their debut album.

The show was late to start and with good reason as already-drunken teens came stumbling into the Music Hall well into the first opening act. Chicago-based rapper Probcause gave an eager performance as he let his rhymes shoot out in that fast-paced, choppy style characteristic of Midwest rap. The performance felt breathy and jumbled unlike the cleaner bounce of his studio material, so the skill doesn’t translate well live.

The second opener was the much more mellow, synth-pop duo Carousel from Los Angeles whose sound clashed awkwardly with the manic rap that preceded it. Perhaps, among another line-up the duo wouldn’t have seemed so lackluster. As a redemptive moment, they did end their set by playing a dreamy, smooth cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.”

Sadly, both openers received tepid responses from the audience, as the floor wasn’t full minutes until Cherub’s show.

Hailing from Nashville, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber play well together with Kelley on the mike and Huber on the drum machine and synth. Most of their set was filled with bass-heavy, electronic anthems, and Kelley’s talk box made one too many guest appearances. That said, the crowd was a boozy ball of fun if packed house parties and reliving your high school days are your kind of thing.

The main show was brilliant, as in filled with blinding light. The assault of color seemed appropriate considering the high-intensity sound and raucous atmosphere Cherub stirred in the crowd.

They played fan-favorites like “XOXO” and the chart topping “Doses and Mimosas,” but at one point, late in the set, it all managed to merge into one huge electro-party anthem.

Cherub’s debut album, ‘The Year of the Caprese,” comes out May 27.


Check out Cherub’s track, “Lifesaver,” off the new album:



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