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ATEC revising doctoral program after complaint, third party investigation  The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools reviewed, starting in 2013, UTD and the...

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Student details life with HIV

Austin Mordahl vividly remembers the exact moment he was notified he tested positive for HIV. “It was like a scary movie,” Mordahl said. ...

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State proposes budget cuts for STD prevention programs

Texas House calls for $3 million reduction in funding A recent amendment to the Texas state budget has proposed a $3 million cut...

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Woodley saves second chapter in “Divergent” trilogy

The second installment of the “Divergent” trilogy struggles to break away from a slew of current teen fare exploring dystopian worlds, despite a...

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Breaking Boundaries

For some, March’s warming weather and days indicate the beginning of spring. For the Galerstein Women’s Center and feminists across the world, March...


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