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Screaming for stronger finale

There is an expectation among moviegoers that sequels must be original while maintaining iconic aspects of the previous films; that is especially true...


Rewind your fantasy with the dark academia genre

Dark academia is more than just a TikTok trend — it provides a refreshing escape from our technology-obsessed lives as it romanticizes the...

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Edgar Wright’s latest film is exceptional

The elegance and mayhem of 1960s London come alive in Edgar Wright’s new film “Last Night in Soho” with a versatile cast, unexpected...

Life & Arts

‘DUNE’ showcases chalamet but doesn’t explain the spice

Even though Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune” is an iconic trailblazer in the sci-fi genre, the 2021 film adaptation featuring Timothée Chalamet struggled with...


Dorm windows cannot weather October storm

During the past week’s influx of thunderstorms and rainy weather, several Comets faced issues with water leaks in their residences – and with...

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No time to watch

As Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond draws to an end, “No Time to Die” shines a light on the new era of...

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A powerful slice-of-life

Despite being called “A Little Life,” Hanya Yanagihara’s bestselling novel brings more than just a little heartache to readers by using beautiful language...

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‘Malignant’ movie is a mediocre mess

While there are well-written horror movies and comical horror movies, “Malignant” was a mediocre mash of overused tropes combined with a laughable script....


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