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Meet the Editors Behind The Mercury Newspaper

Fatimah: Fatimah Azeem is a psychology senior from Dallas, Texas. She’s been working at The Mercury since she was a freshman, starting off...

Life & Arts

Study, Escape,Sleep, Repeat

Campus life can be busy and overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it to experience some peace. There are many...


Student Government calls on UTD to ‘DIVEST FROM DEATH’

Student Government passed a resolution calling on UTD to divest funds from five weapon-manufacturing companies on April 4 as a push against militarism...


Why aren’t you watching the road?

As a commuter school, traffic is heavy at UTD, and with that comes careless student drivers. Drivers need to slow down and focus...

Life & Arts

Haunted Locations at UTD

Berkner Hall is one location that has recently grabbed Comets’ attention. The Berkner tunnels are suspected of being haunted for their natural dark...

Life & Arts

UTD honors sculptor

Is it a character out of your worst nightmare or Gandhi with elephant feet? The sculpture that mysteriously appeared in front of McDermott...

Life & Arts

Eiland at Canyon Creek

One of the most popular shopping malls near campus for food just got a caffeinated upgrade, and it’s the opening of Eiland Coffee...

Curious ComentsNews

What are these hooked posts for by the gazebo?

Have a hammock? Well, UTD has hammock stands you can hang your hammock up on and nap in this summer. Associate Director of...


How Comets Observe Ramadan

As the soulful call to prayer sounds, signifying sunset, healthcare freshman Siham Awel sinks her teeth into a chewy, sweet date—the first bite...


Ukraine-Russia conflict impacts several Comets

While Ukraine is physically distant from UTD, Russia’s continued invasion hits close to home for some Comets. Computer science sophomore Tayisiya Chernenko, who...


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