Meet the Editors Behind The Mercury Newspaper

Fatimah: Fatimah Azeem is a psychology senior from Dallas, Texas. She’s been working at The Mercury since she was a freshman, starting off as a staff writer, and then moving on to Opinion Editor and Managing Editor before becoming the Editor-in-Chief this past summer. She leads the newspaper’s staff and operations, and she looks forward to putting out an interesting and informative publication for students this year with The Mercury team.

Tejal: Tejal Dhan is an information technology and systems sophomore. She first started working at The Mercury in February 2023 before becoming the Life & Arts Editor, and then the Managing Editor. She initially joined The Mercury because she wanted to get more familiar with campus activities, and then she started to enjoy learning the process of newspaper design.

Jack: Jack Sierputowski is a psychology senior, originally from Cleveland, OH. He first joined The Mercury as a staff writer in 2022, although he also served as the Opinion Editor and Editor-in-Chief before becoming News Editor. During the week, Jack works in the Personality and Interpersonal Relationships Lab on campus and hopes to pursue graduate studies to become a therapist.

Mia: Mia Nguyen is a human resource management junior. She began writing at The Mercury in 2021 and is currently the Life & Arts Editor. Her love of writing drove her to join the organization and she spends her free time reading and playing with her cat.

Katheryn: Katheryn is a marketing senior with a to-be-determined minor. She started her Mercury journey as a photographer. She is now the Graphics Editor at The Mercury and sometimes a photographer (if no one can make it downtown for a gig). She joined The Mercury because she wanted to do a creative extracurricular and working for the press sounded cool. Katheryn looks forward to a creative job because that’s her dream.

Shafin: Kazi Shafin is an information technology senior and the former President of UTD’s Photography Club. Kazi joined The Mercury to connect with fellow photography enthusiasts and contribute to the community’s growth and is the current Photo Editor. He has owned a thriving photography business for the last seven years and was also featured in a local newspaper called Shoutout DFW that supports small businesses. His ultimate goal is working for fashion magazines or as a Director of Photography on film sets.

André: André Averion is a psychology senior. He joined The Mercury in October 2021, starting off as a video game opinion columnist before becoming the Distribution & Outreach Manager, a photographer, a graphic artist, a journalist, and a trusted face of UTD Student Media. André plans to become a psychiatrist while continuing journalism on the side and hopes to one day retire and open his own café bookstore.

Khue: Khue Vu is a computer science junior. He started his journey with The Mercury in the spring of 2022 as a photographer before becoming Photo Editor, and is now Web Editor. Once he graduates, he plans on becoming a software engineer and doing photography as a freelancer.

Maria: Maria Shaikh is a biochemistry sophomore and has been Copy Editor for The Mercury since spring 2023. When not heckling writers over em dashes, she can be found managing Bujo Buddies UTD, participating in fan events, and yearning for a world in which the Oxford comma returns to news media. She hopes to work in healthcare and raise pet pigeons someday.

Umama: Umama Suriya is a literature senior also completing a high school teaching certification. She started working at The Mercury last May and became Social Media Manager in August. Umama says she started working for The Mercury because she wanted to start getting involved with spreading the interesting stories that are present all around campus.

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