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Meet the Editors Behind The Mercury Newspaper

Fatimah: Fatimah Azeem is a psychology senior from Dallas, Texas. She’s been working at The Mercury since she was a freshman, starting off...

Life & Arts

Miss Dallas uses platform for good of community

In 1999, all that Annette Addo-Yobo had was her family, two suitcases, a couple hundred dollars and a dream to move to the...


A ban on knowledge – how book bans harm adolescents by blocking them from representation

When your future child is interested in reading about Scout’s adventures in Maycomb, Alabama in the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird,” or wants...

Life & Arts

‘The Little Mermaid’ swims to cinematic success

Combining beautiful cinematography, stunning singing, and a colorful cast of characters, Disney’s live action “The Little Mermaid” far exceeds expectations and will enchant...


Where to park your buggy

UTD offers students many different lots to park their cars in as a largely commuter school. Depending on where your classes are located,...


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