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Law and letters: Literature degree to debut pre-law concentration

After two years of program development, the legal field is coming to Literature students through a new pre-law concentration debuting in fall 2024....


FIRE gives UTD a red light, demands Spirit Rocks return

FIRE’s rating follows their Dec. 1 letter to UTD demanding the Spirit Rocks be reinstated and their Jan. 16 blog post urging for...


What’s that orange pod in the Student Union?

The Office for Campus Resources and Support introduced a LilyPad lactation pod to the Student Union’s first floor in the beginning of the...


Hating furries proves you’re uneducated

UTD has a bustling furry community, but why are these fans of humanoid animals treated like sexual predators and social outcasts? Everyone knows...

Life & Arts

Green Day saves their fading reputation with ‘SAVIORS ’

Although most casual listeners have only heard tracks from “American Idiot,” Green Day and their furious, political, deliciously all-American pop punk has remained...


Biased Spirit Rocks reporting misrepresents Comets

“We are winning.” “Love them both.” “No peace on stolen land.” Chances are, you remember reading those words on the Spirit Rocks last...


Bring our rocks back!

“Censorship.” “Cowardly.” “Bring our rocks back.” These were the sentiments expressed by students the morning of Nov. 20, when UTD administration removed the...


Student Affairs removes Spirit Rocks for platforming ‘extended political discourse’

The Spirit Rocks, UTD’s preeminent platform for student expression, were removed from campus Nov. 20 after “extended political discourse” about the conflict in...


A week of protests for Spirit Rocks

Hundreds of impassioned Comets participated in a week of events protesting the Spirit Rocks’ Nov. 20 removal, organized by the Progressive Student Coalition....


Student Government passes resolution demanding Spirit Rocks return

With a nearly unanimous vote and resounding applause, Student Government passed S.R. 2023-08 on Nov. 28, a resolution demanding UTD reinstate the Spirit...


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