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Best napping spots

Between busy schedules and commutes, it’s no secret that college students struggle to get some shut-eye. There aren’t any designated sleeping areas on...


Bruce August Jr: beloved director of MC in memoriam

A leader, a mentor and a friend, Bruce August Jr. was a pillar in the UTD community for cultural representation and school spirit....


Richardson City Council Agenda Q&A

Student Government and student advocacy group Comets for Better Transit hosted a town hall meeting for Comets to ask Richardson city council members...


Revolutionizing research

A UTD chemist graduate is engineering a simpler and safer way to inject powder vaccines painlessly, potentially revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Ph.D. student...


UTD Spirit Team Wins Nationals

Celebration broke out in Daytona Beach, Florida after the UTD Spirit Team took home national awards in every category they competed in from...


UTD wins first place in sword fighting tournament

UTD swordsmen clashed blades and brought home first and third-place accolades on April 2 in the second-ever Texas College HEMA Alliance Tournament. UTD’s...


Softball nationals upcoming

The Comet softball team is currently tied for third place with 11 wins and four losses in the Division III American Southwestern Conference....


Comet baseball post-midseason

The Comets baseball team is nearly at the end of its season. With 11 wins and seven losses in the Division III American...

Life & Arts

Mamma mia, the Mario movie is fun!

Nintendo and Illumination’s latest film release “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is the most fun in theaters I’ve had all year and an...


Texas bills could target international students

Texas lawmakers in Austin have introduced a series of bills that could affect university funding, minority groups and higher education. Restrictions on transgender...

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