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Omega Strikers Place First

UTD Esports’ Omega Strikers team is currently ranked No. 1 in the Collegiate Corestrike League after seven wins in the fall 2023 tournament...


Overwatch tops out collegiate tournament

UTD’s Overwatch team finished in the top 16 out of over 200 teams in the Overwatch Collegiate Homecoming tournament on Oct. 20 after...


VALORANT team comes in clutch

The UTD Esports VALORANT team placed first in the Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament qualifiers for the Red River region on Sept. 9...

Life & Arts

Mitski brings her most mature work to the Wild West

With her heart-wrenching lyrics and mellow voice, singer-songwriter Mitski has become a household name for indie fans, bringing listeners both comfort and pain...


Too Good to Go app offers restaurant food at a discount

Convenient, cheap, and sustainable, the Too Good To Go app is a must have for college students looking to fill their stomachs without...


Noel Miller and Brandi Denise entertain Comets

YouTuber and comedian Noel Miller, along with actress and comedian Brandi Denise, visited UTD on Aug. 30 to perform stand-up comedy free of...


Meet the Editors Behind The Mercury Newspaper

Fatimah: Fatimah Azeem is a psychology senior from Dallas, Texas. She’s been working at The Mercury since she was a freshman, starting off...


Public Health Program Gets Major Upgrade

Starting in fall 2023, the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences will now offer a bachelor’s degree in public health, which combines...

Life & Arts

Japan: Form and Function

One of the largest collections of Japanese folk art in the Western world is currently on display until April 14, 2024 in the...


Between a walk and a hard place

Effective after Aug. 31, green parking permit spaces in all three parking garages on campus will no longer be available to those with...


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