Noel Miller and Brandi Denise entertain Comets

YouTuber and comedian Noel Miller, along with actress and comedian Brandi Denise, visited UTD on Aug. 30 to perform stand-up comedy free of cost to students. The show was organized by SUAAB’s Meteor Theater, which has in the past brought to campus recognizable names such as Bill Nye and Hasan Minhaj. With almost 1,000 people in attendance, the show brought Comets two hours of laughter.

Miller — best known for his YouTube channel which gained popularity through his “That’s Cringe” series with YouTuber Cody Ko — performed at UTD as part of his ongoing “Everything is F#&ked” tour, which has lasted over a year and a half and spans several countries. In addition to YouTube and stand-up comedy, Miller has collaborated with Ko through TMG studios on both music and a podcast. Older fans of Miller might even remember his days on the long-gone app Vine, where he produced iconic six-second videos.

Denise, who is also currently on tour, was featured on “Abbott Elementary,” performs stand-up comedy and is active on her Instagram and TikTok. Once a social worker in Chicago, Denise left for LA to pursue her dreams of comedy and acting. As the opening set for the show, Denise brought fresh, relatable humor to campus. Her interactions with the audience, sometimes putting a student on the spot, were unexpectedly the highlights of her set. Though over a decade older than most of us, Denise knew all the latest humor, slang and memes, and left students like myself quickly searching up her Instagram later that night.

After a massive Kahoot game with over 800 students competing, the show moved on to the most anticipated set of the night. One of the first things Miller said after getting on stage was, “You guys are so lame,” prompted by the crowd’s excitement at his mere appearance before he had even made a single joke. Surprisingly, Miller had done his research on UTD, as he threw around several remarks about the international population, computer science nerds and past library break-ins. His set was raunchy and vulgar – far more than his public content on social media. Some jokes left the audience confused on whether it was okay to laugh or not, proving that dark humor isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Despite mixed reception at his edgier comedy, Miller’s show was wry, comical and absurd, making it simply unforgettable.

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