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A Comet’s guide to summertime film fun

While some movies are year-round favorites, the arrival of sweltering weather and mosquito hordes evokes a desire for media that can provide an...

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Australian duo Royel Otis reps indie rock

Royel Otis’ addictive vocals and electrifying instrumentals quickly made their way onto the playlists of indie and alternative rock fans with their viral...

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‘Masters of the Air’ flies flat

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks share a passion for exposing viewers to authentic and carefully crafted war stories, and both Hollywood icons came...

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Comic creators draw in panel audience at Comet Con

The early 2000s were a time of cheesy toy infomercials, colorful comic pages and afterschool cartoons blaring on TV. This nostalgia is revitalized...

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Sandwalking into a new generation of sci-fi

Thump, Thump, Thump. The rhythmic beats of a thumper draws Shai-Hulad through the spice-covered hills of Arrakis towards an exiled duke burdened by...


In the wake of death

In the past few weeks, you have probably heard about the deaths of fellow students and grappled with the shock at losing classmates...

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‘Society of the Snow’ portrays pure realism

It’s old news that Hollywood likes to butcher true stories to make genres like true crime more marketable, substituting reality with sensationalized scenes...

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‘The Iron Claw’ rips hearts apart

Children and their families would plop down in front of their television in the ’80s to watch the Von Erich brothers wrestle in...

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Laufey Puts On Dreamy, ‘From The Start’

Icelandic singer-songwriter Laufey made the Dallas stop of her Bewitched tour on Nov. 11, singing infectious jazz tunes in a coquettish cowboy hat...

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Sofia Coppola Puts a Bow on Female Isolation In the Heart of Graceland

A bold, jet black cat eye, a full set of false lashes and a comically voluminous bouffant hairdo is how the world came...


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