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Meet the Editors Behind The Mercury Newspaper

Fatimah: Fatimah Azeem is a psychology senior from Dallas, Texas. She’s been working at The Mercury since she was a freshman, starting off...

Life & Arts

Buzzing for the “Swarm”

While many details about Amazon Prime’s new show “Swarm” are murky in the trailers, fans are abuzz because of the big names associated...

Life & Arts

‘Daisy Jones and The Six’ brings the ’70s back to life

Imagine the ‘70s music scene: the Sunset Strip teeming with fame-obsessed youths and band members snorting coke off whatever they can find. This...

Life & Arts

King Of Chomp Delights Comets

Campus life can be a monotonous, a seemingly endless cycle of lectures, classes and exams. After weeks of watching the campus squirrels for...

Life & Arts

Mia Goth tackles gender roles with violent absurdity in ‘Infinity Pool’

Many horror movies draw viewers in with unique concepts that have audiences thinking days after watching. Lately, modern horror has put an emphasis...

Life & Arts

Heartbreak in Ireland

The Oscar nominations brought both bountiful wins for movie lovers and despicable snubs of amazing performers like Mia Goth. Amongst big names, one...

Life & Arts

Vivienne Westwood: A history

When fashion icon Vivienne Westwood died on Dec. 29, celebrities and casual consumers alike mourned her. However, Westwood is immortalized by her rich...

Life & Arts

The Tower of Hollywood Topples in “Babylon”

The Mercury spoke with the director and producer of “Babylon,” which chronicles the highs and lows of vintage Hollywood. The film, released worldwide...


Whimsical film resparks the ‘whodunnit’ genre

Murder mystery wows with a vintage aesthetic and quirky cast. If Agatha Christie and Wes Anderson had a lovechild, it would be “See...

Life & Arts

Halloween ends… disappointingly

Recent years have brought many successful horror movie reboots like “Scream” and “It,” along with contemporary cult classics that have expanded the horror...


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