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Life & Arts

User experience org fuses tech, design, interactivity

Behind every electronic screen, there’s a team of designers, architects and engineers perfecting a seamless experience for consumers. Students have taken notice and...

Life & Arts

Decoding Religion: Sikhism

Followers of Sikhism practice philanthropy, community service, advocate for increased exposure for South Asian religion Editor’s Note In an effort to further understand...

Life & Arts

Decoding Religion: Bahá’í students flee religious persecution in Iran

Student starts UTD Baha’i Club to provide open atmosphere for growing faith community Editor’s Note: In an effort to further understand UTD’s diverse...

Life & Arts

Contemporary exhibit explores vulnerability

The artwork currently lining the walls of the Visual Arts Building looks nothing like usual art museum fare.  Instead, five co-curators have collaborated...

Life & Arts

Forced ‘Rio’ sequel lacks vision

Musical comedy film features pleasant animation but pushes unnecessary subplots, weak characters The experience of watching the animated family film “Rio 2” is...

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Slideshow: Spring Blowout Bash with Anamanaguchi & Nite

On Thursday, April 17, the Visual Arts Building, or Art Barn, was host to Denton-based Nite and New York-based Anamanaguchi for Radio UTD’s...

Life & Arts

‘The Unknown Known’ unentertaining with evasive subject

Donald Rumsfeld is a true politician — charming, witty and incredibly smart. Probably best known for being both the youngest and oldest person to...

Life & Arts

‘Enemy’ confuses with sex, spiders

In a dimly lit room in front of an audience of stern men, a woman disrobes and walks down a black, slick runway...

Life & Arts

African org brings together community, culture

Juliette Ugirumurera left Rwanda with nine other people to a country far from home. She came to the United States six years ago...

Life & Arts

‘Universe’ exhibit debuts at gallery

MFA student uses rust, recycled materials to make asteroid-like installations Visitors to the McKinney Avenue Contemporary were led through a small hallway into...

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