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Growing up in a Catholic family, Easter was always a big deal. However, my childhood did not include visits from the Easter bunny or very many Easter egg hunts. In fact, my one memory of an Easter egg hunt consists of staring down an alligator on a lake before being thrown into a crowd of eager neighborhood kids to fight over these colorful eggs that didn’t even contain candy.

That being said, Easter egg decorating was not something I had much experience with. To this day, I still don’t know how to properly dye an egg, but I figured most people do, so it wouldn’t make a very interesting project. Instead I took a very artsy and crafty approach to decorating for my hardest and most expensive Pin Possible project to date.

These are good projects for people who don’t want to deal with the messiness of egg dye — which is exactly how I like my crafts. I can deal with all the ribbon, glue, paint and glitter, but add in something potentially staining and I’m probably going to run 100 miles in the opposite direction.

What you’ll need:

– Plastic eggs

– Ribbon

– Twine

– White Paint (with a matte or chalky finish)

– Washi Tape

– Newspapers (old Mercury issues work)

– Mod Podge


Craft Eggs

1. Paint the eggs with white paint (about two to three layers).

2. Take small pieces of ripped up newspaper and use the mod podge to essentially paper mache the egg.

3. You can also use twine and wrap it around the egg to cover it. Use ribon and burlap pieces to accent the eggs.

4.   Use washi tape but into different triangular shapes and stick them onto the egg.


Again, this was probably one of the hardest projects I’ve done. Add that to the stress of midterm exams and I could probably call it my most frustrating, but after I finished an exam on Thursday, cutting up the washi tape and wrapping the eggs in twine was probably one of the most therapeutic ways to recover from exam stress.

It doesn’t have to be super expensive because people can use pieces of ribbon and accents they have laying around their craft boxes or buy washi tape and ribbon specifically to decorate. It’s also a great and seasonal project to work on in preparation for Easter.

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