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Pinpossible: Graduation Cap

The end of the semester is quickly approaching. All my social media feeds are filled with pictures of banquets and formals, and the...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Watercolor Mugs

I’ve been on a huge watercolor kick lately. I love the imperfection of using watercolors because they make everything look so much more...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Upcycled Wine Bottle Vases

In preparation for graduation, I’ve been looking at motar board cap decoration ideas, and one of the ideas I’ve seen fairly often is...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Valentine’s Truffles

There’s an old saying that goes the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In the spirit of that saying,...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Burlap Garland

There’s an ongoing joke with my friends that my apartment looks like it could’ve come right out of a Pinterest board. I have...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Apple Cider

This winter has been an abnormally warm one, but we have seen our share of colder weather, and my inner romantic loves the...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Bath Bombs

In the midst of finals, the excuse to take a break and relax can seem like something out of a dream. I’m going...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Burlap Wreath

We’re finally getting some consistent fall temperatures in Dallas, so even though we’re about half way through November, it’s only just beginning to...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Pinpossible: Arm Knit Scarf

Several years ago, when my sister was in elementary school, she went through a crocheting phase. I don’t remember where she picked it...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Wood Geometric Jewelry

Sometimes I think people who read Pin Possible assume I have a lot of talent when it comes to creating crafts. Unfortunately, my...


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