Pinpossible: Burlap Wreath


We’re finally getting some consistent fall temperatures in Dallas, so even though we’re about half way through November, it’s only just beginning to feel like fall in Texas. I’m obsessed with reds, oranges and browns. Even though we’re past Halloween, I’ve been loving pumpkins and rustic-looking wood backgrounds in my Instagram posts. Another symbol of fall that I’m really into right now are burlap wreaths. There’s something about the rustic-ness of burlap that compliments fall and Thanksgiving. They’re also easy to customize with letters and flowers.

What you need:

– 12 in. wire wreath frame

– 1-2 rolls of burlap, 5 yds each

– Decorative accents — extra burlap, flowers, wooden letters


1. Tie the burlap in a knot on one of the middle wires of the frame.

2. Using the burlap, make loops of burlap coming out of each opening on the frame going from inside out.

3. After you finish the outermost loop, twist the burlap and begin again from the innermost opening. Push the loops together so they bubble.

4. Continue doing this until you fill the entire wreath. The tighter you push the loops, the fuller the wreath will look, but the more burlap it will take to go around the whole thing as well.

5. Tie a knot to finish the loop.

6. Add accents and embellishments to the wreath as you like. I added a bow and some flowers.

This would make a great host/hostess gift for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. They’re very simple, and relatively inexpensive to make. It’s definitely a project you can make while watching a television show, and there are a bunch of tutorials for burlap flowers floating around on the Internet that I’m excited to try out to complement the wreath.


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