Pinpossible: Upcycled Wine Bottle Vases

In preparation for graduation, I’ve been looking at motar board cap decoration ideas, and one of the ideas I’ve seen fairly often is a cap that has the quote, “I wine’d a lot, but I did it.” And it made me wonder how many wine bottles are currently sitting empty on people’s fridges, lining rooms or creating collections on furniture. I’ve always been a fan of trying to find something to do with the giant glass bottles that are leftover. In fact, I use an empty wine bottle to hold my bracelets, so I figured that it would be a good idea to do a Pin Possible that utilizes an empty wine bottle.

What you need

– empty wine bottle

– paint

– twine

– burlap

– ribbon

– embellishments, as needed

– flowers, fake or real

– hot glue gun


1. Peel the label off the wine bottle.

2. Use three coats of paint to cover the bottle.

3. Take some of the burlap to wrap around the bottle, and use hot glue to secure it in place.

4. Use some of the ribbon to layer over the burlap.

5. Use some of the twine to wrap around the top of the bottle using a drop of hot glue where the twine begins and a drop where it ends.

6. Take some of the ribbon and make a bow and secure it to the bottle with a drop of hot glue.

This is a simple way to make use of a leftover wine bottle that you might have forgotten to throw out, and it’s a good way to use odd buttons that are lying around or bits and pieces of leftover embellishments from other crafts. It’s easy to personalize. I’ve seen people use multiple wine bottles to spell out words such as love or home, but I don’t ever have that many wine bottles.  You could also use glitter or wrap the entire bottle in twine. There are also variations of the craft where you can turn the bottles into tiki torches or you could fill them with lights and use them as a decoration. I’ve seen people use wine bottles as soap dispensers as well. Or, like I said earlier, you could decorate one of these wine bottles and just use it to store bracelets or necklaces. Either way, I like the idea of not wasting a perfectly good bottle even after you’ve finished the wine. But maybe that’s the crafter in me.

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