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Nobel laureate in economics discusses gender

Gender inequality takes on many faces, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen said. It can be seen the moment cultural perceptions push a parent to...

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Art club inspires creativity

Group promotes workshops and showcases for student art A newly founded art club is encouraging non-art majors to show off their creativity, receive...

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DIY Easter Eggs

Growing up in a Catholic family, Easter was always a big deal. However, my childhood did not include visits from the Easter bunny...


Snow Days

SNOW, ROUND ONE— The university canceled classes due to the winter weather on Friday, Feb. 27. Students used this time to relieve some...


ICYMI: Express Yourself

Love Line— A panel of relationship experts gathered in The Pub on Wednesday, Feb. 11 to answer questions during Sexual Responsibility Week. UTDesign...

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Coming out of hibernation

Jan. 14, 2015 Nesquik Snack Attack — As a part of the Winter Welcome Back, the Nesquik Bunny stopped by the Chess Plaza...

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SG requests higher Pub alcohol limit

Policy includes modified four-drink maximum, allows for BYOB tailgates by student organizations Student Government is working on a new alcohol policy that could modify...


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