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‘River City Ransom EX’ better resurrected

Back in the days of the eight-bit Nintendo system, side-scrolling fight-’em-ups like “Double Dragon” and “Battletoads” were a dime a dozen. Sadly, a...


UTD Police Scanner

<strong>May 12</strong> UTD Police and Richardson Fire Department responded to a medical assist at Waterview Park (WP) Apartments. A non-affiliated person was transported...


RHET 1101 gets revamping

The Freshman Year Experience (FYE) movement is coming to UTD, but instead of a march on campus it will arrive in the form...


Letters to the Editor – June 7

<strong>Inefficient lawn wateringon campus</strong> I’m writing to call attention to a problem I see on campus that is particularly serious during the summertime....


‘Nova’ performance inspires despite minimal music program

UTD performances are often satisfactory but uninspiring, however “Musica Nova: Music of Five Centuries” was refreshingly phenomenal. The venue was full even though...


Presidential search may end in September

UTD may have a new president as early as September, just less than a year after President Franklyn Jenifer’s resignation last October, according...


Seven softballers selected

One may be an All-American. Two were selected for the division’s top All-Star team. Seven netted postseason honors. As much as softball is...


More teachers does not equal more certificates

The Texas State Board of Educational Certification has created a plan to issue temporary teaching certificates to anyone who can pass its test....


My two cents

Testing, testing, hello … is this thing on? It has been one wild and crazy end to the softball and baseball seasons –...

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